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His shadow services llc
Jun 17, 2022
I am highly excited, I thank God for a dream come true. My names are Eze Owunna, Administrator and owner of His Shadow Services LLC. Community service have always occupied my vision, at the verge of the pandemic that desire burnt stronger in me while vacationing in Africa. While there, I interacted with so many senior citizens and persons whose physical conditions impacted on their abilities to support and achieve their daily living needs. All over the world the need for elder and special need care is growing every day and even at higher demands USA as life expectancy surges. This need became more pronounced at the onsite of the pandemic due to the shortage of caregivers. I decided it was time, and I took the first step by calling a state regulatory agent who gave me detailed information on how to get started caring for our community as a caregiver and we got licensed in December, 2020. Our license number is 020394. I graduated with a masters degree in community health from Old Dominion University and a Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, 2005. I have more than 15 years combined industrial and public health work experience. I have experiences working in Public Health programs as: an Epidemiologist, Environmental Health Specialist, Public Health Officer and EID APHL/CDC Public Health Laboratory Research Trainee Fellowship. I am passionate about projects that have direct and positive impact on the society and that improves health and quality of life, such as caregiving. I am a caregiver.

His shadow services llc

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